Meow Monday

Yesterday we traipsed out into the wilderness and chopped down our Christmas tree. Our cats seem to think we put the tree up for their enjoyment. Snuffy heads under the tree and pretty much sleeps there until it comes down. Since it’s Rosie’s first Christmas she’s fascinated with the tree, shiny ornaments, and the water in the tree stand.

Rosie found one ornament particularly fascinating, the naked baby angel that I’ve had since I was a little girl.



Now the naked baby angel ornament is missing. Rosie keeps reaching under the couch so it’s pretty safe to assume naked baby angel ornament is under there somewhere.

This week we’re happy to feature Penny as our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week!


Penny is a 3 year old female domestic shorthair who came to Lollypop Farm to find a new home because her owner died. She’s a sweet little calico who would love a new lap to keep warm. Come meet her at Lollypop Farm!


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