Supercat Catnip Caves on a Meow Monday

Since yesterday was a snow day we decided it was a good time to try the new Supercat Catnip Caves I picked up over the weekend.

Supercat Catnip Caves

Basically, they are a paper bag infused with catnip. When the cats go in and scratch around in the bag the catnip scent is released. The package does come with 4 bags so one package should last for a while.

Here is George in the bag and Rosie trying to get back into the bag. It was a hit with 4 of the 5 cats we tested it on. Snuffy doesn’t like catnip so I guess his opinion doesn’t really count.

Rosie finally gained possession of the bag.

Supercat Catnip Caves


George got it back.

Supercat Catnip Caves

Looks like the Supercat Catnip Caves are kitty approved.

Here is Karlie, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week.


Karlie is the oldest cat in the cattery today. She’s a 13-year-old female domestic shorthair mix. She’s available free of charge to approved adopters through Lollypop Farm’s Seniors-for-Seniors program.