Snuffy Meow Monday 

We’ve always know that Snuffy is a special kitty, but today a lot more people know how special he is. His story was featured on the website Love . He’s trying not to let the extra attention go to his head.



Sissy was a little disappointed the article didn’t mention Snuffy’s theater debut late last year. He was a big hit with the cast, crew, and audience. He loved every minute of it and all of the attention. It’s not every cat who can say he’s been on stage.

Snuffy waiting for his scene in the play

This is Snuffy on opening night waiting for his big debut. No stage fright for this guy!

Snuffy onstage

Snuffy’s big scene. The audience was surprised to see a real cat appear on stage. Fun fact, his stand-in was a stuffed cat. Snuffy has done a lot in his 16 years and we hope he is around for many more years to come.

Today, Snuffy wants to introduce Baron, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week!

Baron  #34128694

Baron is a 2-year-old male domestic shorthair mix who came to Lollypop Farm as an injured stray. How wonderful that someone took the time to bring him in to be helped! He came with a badly injured leg for which he had surgery and recovery time in foster care. Unfortunately, the injury to his leg was unable to heal and he had to have it amputated. Now fully recovered from surgery, he has figured out how to get around quite well. He’s shy at first but, once he finds you acceptable, he’s a loving purring machine who loves to be petted. Come to Lollypop Farm and ask to meet this beautiful boy. It will be great to find him a safe and loving home!