Social Distancing Day 7

Social Distancing Day 7

Social Distancing Day 7, a whole week. I have to say it’s been the longest week with so many changes.

Today I did some baking and then set up a more permanent office area. Looks like I’m going to be working from home longer than I thought. The Senior has taken over the office for schoolwork and then hanging out online with his friends. My husband is set up in the dining room and I don’t think we could share the space. There is a small desk I’ve had in the bedroom but haven’t really used. So we moved it downstairs to a corner of the family room. Bonus, now I have a fireplace in my “office”.

Social Distancing Photo may contain desk with fireplace in the background

I’ve got Dory to remind me to “Just keep swimming”.

As of 8pm Sunday, all non-essential business are to close. We are one of three states to have the National Guard activated.

Today I am grateful for the sunshine. Even though it felt like winter this weekend, the sun was shining and I saw robins in the yard. I’ll take what I can get.

Take care of each other.